Clean, Sustainable Home Heating Wood & Campfire Bundles

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Sustainable Home Heating

Split, Seasoned & Delivered Right To Your Doorstep

Campfire Wood

Conveniently Packaged To Take With You On Your Weekends Away


Freezen Firewood started in early 2022 as a hobby and quickly took off! We supply seasoned and split poplar and pine firewood, either by the cord or bundles for camping, delivered to any location within Southeastern Manitoba.


All Our Firewood is Cut to 16" Lengths, Expertly Seasoned and Split.

Home Heating Firewood

  • Poplar: $330 Per Cord
  • Pine: $330 Per Cord

Delivered To Your Residence By Dump Truck.

"Weekender" Bundles

  • $8/ Bundle, 1' x 1' x 16" in Size.

Great For A Weekend Of Camping Or Bonfires With Friends In Your Backyard. Clean And Convenient.


(204) 392-5964

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